Muntiri Lodge Eco Retreat

A unique combination of heritage wilderness, quality accommodation and farm stay applying the principles of sustainability to good living

A haven for wildlife, Muntiri is home to a variety of native birds, many of which are noted as being of significance to the area.  

A comprehensive list of birds is provided to, and often updated by, our guests.

Precious Wilderness an Hour from Adelaide

Our Fauna

Our Flora

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Echidnas, lizards, bats, hopping mice, the varieties seem endless.  

Western Grey kangaroos, compete with the inevitable foxes, rabbits and hares.  


               precious wilderness 

Named after the muntries (a wild fruit, also known as emu apples or bush cranberries), the Muntiri Heritage Area is located approximately 28km south of Strathalbyn, South Australia and comprises over 76 Ha of native vegetation.

The bushland contains over 200 native, and 30 non-native species.  Of the native species, 64 have been recognised as having conservation significance, and of the non- natives just four are considered a threat to the integrity of the reserve,